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White African Shea Butter Whipped 1 lb. After trying the pure white Shea Butter in an 8-ounce jar, you will definitely want to give the 16-ounce jar a try. Why? Because the more you begin to use it, the more you will crave the magical healing powers and overall feeling that it will leave you with. As with most items, the bigger you buy, the better the value. So, if you purchase this 16-ounce jar of raw Shea Butter, you will save a whopping 63% over the 2-ounce size. A value like that is hard to pass up. So do yourself a favor, and try this 16-ounce jar of unrefined Shea Butter. You will love the decision.
<Use of Shea Butter>
  • Treatment of dry skin, eczema and minor burns
  • Pain relief from swelling and arthritis.
  • Improves muscle relaxation and stiffness
  • Sunscreen due to its rich content of vitamins E and D
  • Treats dark spots, stretch marks, skin discolorations, wrinkles and blemishes
  • Massages, diaper rash and as hair conditioner
*** We pack UNFILTERED Shea butter directly from their natural gourd (calabash) they come in. Please do not expect filtered or artificially processed butter.
*** This is a RAW product. We never add anything to maintain a consistent color or smell of the butter. That's why color, texture or smell may vary from batch to batch.

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